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AppWorks Developer - User Profile VOTING

Posted May 08 by Marcin Pacyga.
Updated May 08.

Dear AppWorks Developer Community users!

The process of improving AppWorks Developer is ongoing. Please find below the three User Profile designs and help us to choose the best one by voting on your preferred choice. They can be viewed in a pdf file as well.

The designs are not final and do not present all of the functionality, we would like to implement. The list of planned features is as follow:

  1. User profile presentation
  2. List of user's activities and achievements
  3. User's blog
  4. Subscriptions and notifications management
  5. Follow users
  6. Manage profile visibility

The voting will be open until 18th of May.

Thank you!



<——- If you like PROFILE DESIGN 1, VOTE UP here on the left hand side

Profile 1


<——- If you like PROFILE DESIGN 2, VOTE UP here on the left hand side


<——- If you like PROFILE DESIGN 3, VOTE UP here on the left hand side
enter image description here

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