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Mark Articles to read later/Bookmark

Posted Nov 10 by Matthew Barben.

Now that the AppWorks Developer has been updated to display more profile information, is it possible to for us to bookmark particular articles to our profile?

It just means I can hit my profile and have the API's that I want to use right there on my profile along side the various tutorials that have been posted.



That is a good idea.

We are currently working on the implementation of subscriptions and notifications, which may provide you with this feature in a roundabout way. You will be able to subscribe to a topic, which is added to your profile in a new "Subscriptions" tab. What's more, if the topic is updated, you will also receive an email notification.

The first iteration of this feature will allow you to subscribe to a question or an idea. Support for articles will come down the line.


It sounds great! Will the subscribing to a topic be done automatically when I first reply to it? Or will there be a flag to turn this behavior on?

I'd like to be notified about the questions I should reply to again, because the originator would like more details. If it meant subscribing to the topic, I'd like to avoid subscribing to each of the comments which I post manually.

I like the e-mail notification, either immediately or by a daily digest, as it is usual in mailing lists. If you felt that the automated subscribing would create an e-mail flood, I would think it would, but an alternative could be an icon overlay on the profile picture if some of "your" questions was commented on, lite the notifications on stackopverflow, for example.


Yes, there will be an auto-watch feature. You will automatically subscribed and notified of changes to a topic you contributed to. We'll also use the AppWorks notifications icon for in-app notifications.

 You have subscribed and will receive email notifications of updates to this topic. To unsubscribe, uncheck the checkbox.


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