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AppWorks & Websockets

Posted Aug 05 by Alex Dowgailenko.

I did search for this on otdn but no luck. Has anyone ever tried to use websockets through AppWorks? Any thoughts on what challenges, if any, there may be?

Last activity Oct 02 by Matthew Barben.
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Implement Document Provider Extension in IOS and

Posted Aug 10 by Rolf Poser.
Updated Aug 10.

Today neither Everywhere nor Tempo Box allow for editing on e.g. an iPad. This could be achieved by ideally integrating with the Office 365 Apps "Places" API or minimally by implementing a Document Provider extension on iOS so that [more]

Last activity Aug 10 by Rolf Poser.
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OpenText TOTP Generator

Posted Sep 20 by John Thomas.

Why cannot we have our own OpenText TOTP generator such that we can achieve two factor authentication with OTDS? Such that we would not require any other WAM. OpenText TOTP Generator can be used with any products which supports OTDS. In [more]

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Provide a new Gradle-plugin to support appworks-development ("Gradle Appworks-plugin")

Posted Jan 16 by Rainer Knasar.
Updated Jan 16.

It would be very valuable for the community to provide a new gradle-plugin for the Gradle build automation platform (, that supports the development of Appworks apps, e.g. let's call it the Gradle Appworks-Plugin. This plugin [more]

Last activity Sep 02 by Danai Sae-Han.
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Easier select of Trusted Server key

Posted May 14 by Ola Hellgren.

I spent a lot of hour troubleshooting why I could not get the notification POST call to work I got a `403`. The problem was that not the complete key was selected, see below why. This should be improved. ![Screen of trusted key][1] [more]

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Bug in documentation

Posted Jan 29 by Alex Dowgailenko.

Documentation calls for double zipping of the project (zip project, then zip project zip with project metadata), but AppWorks is not expecting a double zip (and as an idea, I hope that double zipping doesn't become a requirement).

Last activity Jan 30 by Alex Dowgailenko.
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Proxy Component Documentation

Posted Jan 28 by Alex Dowgailenko.

since the only documentation I can find on this, is inside the title attribute of a of `<textarea>`s and it is impossible to read, here it is. For allowed path patterns: A list, one per line, of paths and query requirements, relative [more]

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Wrappers for OpenText REST APIs

Posted Nov 19 by Jason Cassidy.

With the great addition of the OpenText REST APIs it is likely that many customers and partners will start implementing wrappers in common frameworks such as .NET and Java. I'm curious as to this audience's opinion: - Should the community [more]

Last activity Jan 28 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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Ability to publish apps directly from a CI build server

Posted Jan 14 by Mikhail Dikov.

It'll be really great if we can setup the build servers so that the app gets published directly to the gateway. Removes one manual step out of the way.

Last activity Jan 16 by Masudur Khan.
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In progress Updates on Resources / Articles

Posted Jan 07 by Arne Schmid.

The Resources/Articles section should also provide an RSS/ATOM feed of articles and/or an email notification if new Articles are posted or existing ones updated.

Last activity Jan 07 by Werner De Jong.
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