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Correct status codes in API calls (OTCS)

Posted May 15 by Matthew Barben.
Updated May 15.

Hi There, I was wondering if it was possible to get more expressive status codes from Content Server when making API calls. For example making a call to a node that does not exist would better served with a **404: Not Found** instead of [more]

Last activity May 15 by Matthew Barben.
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Metadata Search API

Posted Apr 28 by Rolf Poser.
Updated Aug 10.

If this hasn't been considered yet, I'd like to suggest that apart from a general search API implementation, there should also be an API to search for Content Server items by cat & att values. The most efficient way to do this would likely [more]

Last activity Aug 10 by Rolf Poser.
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Implement Document Provider Extension in IOS and

Posted Aug 10 by Rolf Poser.
Updated Aug 10.

Today neither Everywhere nor Tempo Box allow for editing on e.g. an iPad. This could be achieved by ideally integrating with the Office 365 Apps "Places" API or minimally by implementing a Document Provider extension on iOS so that [more]

Last activity Aug 10 by Rolf Poser.
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OpenText TOTP Generator

Posted Sep 20 by John Thomas.

Why cannot we have our own OpenText TOTP generator such that we can achieve two factor authentication with OTDS? Such that we would not require any other WAM. OpenText TOTP Generator can be used with any products which supports OTDS. In [more]

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Category Set/Update/Read/Remove

Posted Dec 16 by Matthew Barben.

It may have already been thought of and already in development. But the the ability to Set/Update/Read/Remove the categories on a document via the Content Server API would be incredibly useful. I can think of several use cases where I would [more]

Last activity Jul 15 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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Archive Server API? Archivelink API

Posted Mar 06 by Matthew Barben.

I have run into a couple of scenarios where by we need to declare a document in Content Server as an ArchiveLink document in SAP (with the resulting 'final' document being stored into Content Server via ECMLink). Within Archive Server there [more]

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