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v9 Visual Script Error reporting really must be improved

Posted Oct 21 by Jerome Pearce.
Updated Oct 21.

I defy anyone to make any sense at all from the following:   Exception 'At least one object must implement IComparable.' occurred when attempting to 'Run script'. At least one object must implement IComparable.      [more]

Last activity Oct 05 by John Rusling.
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OpenText TOTP Generator

Posted Sep 20 by John Thomas.

Why cannot we have our own OpenText TOTP generator such that we can achieve two factor authentication with OTDS? Such that we would not require any other WAM. OpenText TOTP Generator can be used with any products which supports OTDS. In [more]

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Allow us to set the order for Table Business Objects

Posted Nov 07 by Jerome Pearce.

Currently you are completely unable to set the default order for Table Business Objects. This means that all editable grids can turn up in a random order. It would be nice to able to set teh default order.   We have many requestes [more]

Last activity Mar 03 by Brian Mellert.
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TFS Integration

Posted Apr 23 by Chris Schroeder.

Would it be possible to have some integration with Team Foundation Server as a code repository to auto check out files in BPM9 as they are modified?   We currently have to check out the entire solution, and that is quite time [more]

Last activity Dec 09 by Paul Kaman.
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Enhance Form Has/Is Dependent Capability

Posted Nov 20 by Robert Vignerot.

Currently, a process designer can mark a field as "Field has Dependents" to signal that the form should be re-filled after the field has been changed.  Any business object marked as "Always Refill" and any field marked [more]

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RichText control

Posted May 02 by Grzegorz Lag.

Rich text control should by default hide toolbar in read only mode (specially on stage form) no mater if auto-hide is checked.

Last activity Oct 22 by Brian Mellert.
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Set Docked panel (and segment) order to the tab order

Posted Aug 05 by Jerome Pearce.

Given that the only way to create collapsible field groups is by docking panels to the same edge of their container (see our review with examples <a data-ignore="a/b" target="_blank" href="">>here<</a>), [more]

Last activity Aug 12 by Kenyon Manderson.
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ability to specify selected tab (meaning form when multiple forms on a stage)

Posted Jul 19 by Tom Waskow.

Multiple forms on stage appear as tabs. The first tab is always selected when the folder is opened.   It would be great to be able to specify which tab is selected programatically.   To provide  consistent user-experience [more]

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Allow a way to view links and objects on the same property grid

Posted Jul 01 by Jaylen Truong.

At present, you can view links and objects on separate property links only. Please allow a way to view them on the same propery grid.   Thank you

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&quot;Select All&quot; option on Methods &amp; Parameters tabs for Web Service Connections

Posted Jun 26 by Thomas Prinsloo.

We often work with service endpoints which exposes > 50 service methods. When changes are made to any of the methods / additional methods added, we have to Locate Web Service again to refresh the methods list - this causes all the Promotion [more]

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Better source control support...

Posted Apr 26 by Paul York.

This is to allow better source control of MBPM solutions.     We work on a number of processes and libraries under Subversion source control and it's often necessary to lock a specific component to allow an edit to be made.  The [more]

Last activity Jun 05 by Phil McGaw.
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Auto-Complete Search Feature in Standard Web Client

Posted Jun 05 by Phil McGaw.

Can you build in proper search features for the ToDo and Watch lists screens in the standard web client please? Conceptually, I am thinking along the lines of where there is currently two dropdown fields for "Process" [more]

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