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Wrappers for OpenText REST APIs

Posted Nov 19 by Jason Cassidy.

With the great addition of the OpenText REST APIs it is likely that many customers and partners will start implementing wrappers in common frameworks such as .NET and Java. I'm curious as to this audience's opinion: - Should the community [more]

Last activity Jan 28 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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Notifications about questions I replied to

Posted Jan 28 by Ferdinand Prantl.
Updated Jan 30.

Although I like visiting the forum here, I don't know how to reply to a question effectively. If the first reply is not enough, I won't be notified that the poster provided more information or needed more help. I quickly lose the threads what [more]

Last activity Apr 30 by Werner De Jong.
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Display the 'best' answer more prominently

Posted Nov 17 by Pete Oliver.

Currently, when an author marks the 'best' answer to a question, that answer stays in place. If it's really far down in the list of answers, I guess we then have to rely on many up-votes to bubble it to the top. It would be great if there [more]

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Ability to publish apps directly from a CI build server

Posted Jan 14 by Mikhail Dikov.

It'll be really great if we can setup the build servers so that the app gets published directly to the gateway. Removes one manual step out of the way.

Last activity Jan 16 by Masudur Khan.
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Metadata Search API

Posted Apr 28 by Rolf Poser.
Updated Aug 10.

If this hasn't been considered yet, I'd like to suggest that apart from a general search API implementation, there should also be an API to search for Content Server items by cat & att values. The most efficient way to do this would likely [more]

Last activity Aug 10 by Rolf Poser.
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In progress AppWorks Developer User Profiles

Posted Nov 26 by Werner De Jong.

User profiles available on AppWorks Developer need to contain more information, such as: - Organization name - Location - Web site - Email address - Phone numbers - Nickname (for forum posts) - Membership details (duration, last [more]

Last activity Nov 27 by Michael Melhem.
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Provide a new Gradle-plugin to support appworks-development ("Gradle Appworks-plugin")

Posted Jan 16 by Rainer Knasar.
Updated Jan 16.

It would be very valuable for the community to provide a new gradle-plugin for the Gradle build automation platform (, that supports the development of Appworks apps, e.g. let's call it the Gradle Appworks-Plugin. This plugin [more]

Last activity Sep 02 by Danai Sae-Han.
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Implemented Content separation

Posted Apr 17 by Paul York.
Updated Apr 17.

Hi, With the announced move ( of all MBPM developer conversations to this forum can we have the some kind of logical division by product or subject available rather than the basic tags [more]

Last activity Jul 01 by Werner De Jong.
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Allow us to set the order for Table Business Objects

Posted Nov 07 by Jerome Pearce.

Currently you are completely unable to set the default order for Table Business Objects. This means that all editable grids can turn up in a random order. It would be nice to able to set teh default order.   We have many requestes [more]

Last activity Mar 03 by Brian Mellert.
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Forum of Ideas

Posted Nov 17 by Marcin Pacyga.

If you would like to see any new functionality in AppWorks Developer, raise a suggestion, give feedback – feel free to post a topic in the forum of Ideas! The AppWorks Developer team is here to help. In case of any other suggestions [more]

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In progress Updates on Resources / Articles

Posted Jan 07 by Arne Schmid.

The Resources/Articles section should also provide an RSS/ATOM feed of articles and/or an email notification if new Articles are posted or existing ones updated.

Last activity Jan 07 by Werner De Jong.
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v9 Visual Script Error reporting really must be improved

Posted Oct 21 by Jerome Pearce.
Updated Oct 21.

I defy anyone to make any sense at all from the following:   Exception 'At least one object must implement IComparable.' occurred when attempting to 'Run script'. At least one object must implement IComparable.      [more]

Last activity Oct 05 by John Rusling.
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