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Provide a new Gradle-plugin to support appworks-development ("Gradle Appworks-plugin")

Posted Jan 16 by Rainer Knasar.
Updated Jan 16.

It would be very valuable for the community to provide a new gradle-plugin for the Gradle build automation platform (, that supports the development of Appworks apps, e.g. let's call it the Gradle Appworks-Plugin. This plugin [more]

Last activity Sep 02 by Danai Sae-Han.
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In progress AppWorks Developer User Profiles

Posted Nov 26 by Werner De Jong.

User profiles available on AppWorks Developer need to contain more information, such as: - Organization name - Location - Web site - Email address - Phone numbers - Nickname (for forum posts) - Membership details (duration, last [more]

Last activity Nov 27 by Michael Melhem.
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