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Failed to Callback Case Instance

Posted Sep 06 by Rutvik Rajpura.

I am calling BPM from Lifecycle in one lifecycle state, for some instance of the BPM is properly executed and for some instance its successfully executed but it is showing aborted so due to that instance of lifecycle is not moving to next step. [more]

Last activity Sep 10 by Ethan Beisher.
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External User Interface in AppWorks BPM

Posted Aug 30 by Doaa Farouk.

I defined external user interface in AppWorks platform, with the corresponding input/output schemas and delivery model. Now the problem, when I add the external form to a BPM activity, the activity complete is disabled in the inbox, after running [more]

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Authenticating to Content Server REST API 16.2 (Using CWS Services)

Posted Jul 29 by Saba Seyrafi.

Hi, I'm making use of the Content Server (16.2) REST API in a custom front end web application. The application is powered by AppWorks services in the backend. It predominantly makes use of the Content Web Services (CWS) for a majority of [more]

Last activity Aug 14 by Ijaz Ahmad.
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Answered Create Document via REST

Posted Mar 09 by Marimuthu D.
Updated Apr 09 by Werner De Jong.

How to create a document in CS10 using REST API..? Can someone share a sample code. Thanks..

Last activity Jul 15 by Chari Mangalagiri.
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Post file to REST Service

Posted Jul 05 by Dennis Foy.

Im using Fiddler at the moment to test the upload Capability using REST API of 16.4.1. Im not sure what properties or query string to use and I get the following response back... {"status":400,"code":"E_INPUT_MESSAGE_NOT_READABLE","message":"The [more]

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GUID value to Update metadata - Exstream 16.4.2

Posted Jul 02 by Praveen Kumar.

Hi, Earlier we were exploring REST API of 16.4.1. On of our requirements is to update some metadata. For that we need GUID value of the metadata when making a call to the below API method. https://localhost:2719/v1/documents/%7BdocumentId%7D?where_revision=1 Using [more]

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How to add a document and adding the category to the content server 16.2 with one Api call?

Posted Jun 26 by Hemanth Kumar Chelikani.

here is my post man request. ![enter image description here](/awd/content/get/30638279/Postman.PNG)

Last activity Jul 01 by Monty Jordan.
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Content Server REST API Complex JSON

Posted Jul 01 by Monty Jordan.

I heard there is a way to create a file with category attribute values in one call by making a complex JSON object to encapsulate all the information. Can someone share with me the structure of this complex JSON? Referencing this knowledge [more]

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MediaManager API - update an asset metadata

Posted Jul 01 by Girish Nagarajaiah.

Hello, There is a rest api available to update asset metadata **PATCH /{version: v(4)}/assets/{id}** Below is a sample edit json, I am providing and it works fine: `{ "edited_asset": { "data": { [more]

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Captiva Capture 16.5 Unable to Connect SQL Server 2017 while installing InputAccel Database?

Posted Jun 26 by Paramesh Nathi.

While we are installing captiva 16.5 step 1 installtion of Input Accel database we are getting below error message. ![enter image description here](/awd/content/get/30638692/Captiva%20Error.png)

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How to add a document to Content Server 16 using REST API V2

Posted Jun 11 by Roger Hiltpold.

http://dc1ecm16llint1/otcs/cs.exe/api/v2/nodes?where=((type=144) AND (parent_id=1852917) AND (file="\\ServerName\Folder1\SubFolder\sample.pdf")) I'm trying to use RestAPI V2, using postman, to add a new document to Content Server [more]

Last activity Jun 20 by Eugene Ashley.
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Weird behaviour with DATETOSTRING_LOCAL in DQL statements

Posted Jun 20 by Bart Thierens.

Hi, I am experiencing weird behaviour with the `DATETOSTRING_LOCAL` function in DQL while trying to group objects based on day. It behaves identically to the normal `DATETOSTRING` function *unless* when it is used in a subquery. (The [more]

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