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missing documentation for Content Server Mobile connection to Content Server

Posted Dec 14 by Marco Palatini Jr..

Hi I'm trying to figure out how the Content Server mobile app knows where to connect (Content Server CWS URL) or so. I gone through the Documentation of CS Mobile and cant find this information anywhere. Greetings Marco

Last activity Dec 17 by Albertto Lie.
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HttpConnector (Consuming Rest Services)

Posted Dec 14 by arif abdul.

Hi all, Working on AppWorks Platform 16.5 Trying to access REST Webservice(external/outside AppWorks) by using httpconnector. getting issue java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:

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Tempo Box - External users not receiving email notification

Posted Jan 04 by Harish Thunga.

Hi All, We are trying to send invitation to external users to access the shared tempo box folders. While sharing , the email notification is not being sent to the external user however User has been created in the OTDS with proper userid [more]

Last activity Dec 12 by Albertto Lie.
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Delete Node via API

Posted Dec 11 by David Zangger.

If I delete a node with a category using the API, do I need to remove the category first? Or will the node deletion take care of deleting the category too? Thank you

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New validated and published entity not showing up in the 'Create a new item' list

Posted Dec 11 by Antal Bos.

Hi, I installed a brand new image with Appworks 16.5 and as an unexperienced user started to play with it following the manual "Process Platform EntityModeling Guide" At this moment I created a new workspace with 2 entities, validated [more]

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TypeError: $_userInputSelector.autocomplete(...).data(...) is

Posted Dec 10 by Albertto Lie.
Updated Dec 10.

Manage tempo box participant from content server UI give me error >TypeError: $_userInputSelector.autocomplete(...).data(...) is undefined participant that has been set before also not shown cs 16.2.1 content service module 16.0.0 [more]

Last activity Dec 10 by Albertto Lie.
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Using Communications Server API

Posted Dec 10 by Gonzalo Alvarez.
Updated Dec 10.

Hello, I want to invoke the Rest API of Communications Server in order to execute a Process that produces a PDF document with Exstream. 1. How should I set up the authentication? 2. Which operation should I use?

Last activity Dec 10 by Gonzalo Alvarez.
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Getting app settings in mobile app

Posted Dec 10 by Samir Vaidya.
Updated Dec 10.

I am able to declare app specific settings in file of my mobile bundle. For example: ``` restUrl.type=string restUrl.displayName=REST Server URL restUrl.descriptions=If REST server is not proxied via Appworks Gateway then [more]

Last activity Dec 10 by Samir Vaidya.
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CORS issue on URL: api/v1/nodes/<id>/versions/<version number>/content

Posted Dec 06 by Daniel Godard.

I'm presently receiving a CORS error message when trying to retrieve the content of a document through the CS 10.5 rest api with javascript. The weird part of this problem is that all other CS 10.5 rest api calls are presently working in my [more]

Last activity Dec 06 by Cerutti Leandro.
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Exstream/StreamServe API - GET Documents - Collector (archiveobject)

Posted Dec 05 by Stig Renberg-Larsen.

Hi. has anyone used the function to get document(s) from a Collector database (16.4.1), if so... can you please give me an example? //Stig ;-)

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Examples on using Rest API on OTDS to modify existing users attributes

Posted Nov 26 by Christoph Schlegel.

Hi, I have started working with OpenText and the development for OTDS. For the beginning it would be very helpful to me if there are some existing examples on how to connect to a server (OTDS) and on how to modify attributes of users within [more]

Last activity Dec 03 by Martin van Rappard.
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OTDS Token expiry

Posted Nov 28 by Divisha Nikunj Varandani.
Updated Nov 28.

I am integrating SSO with OTDS in a angular based web application. I need to understand when the OTDS token expires. In the OTDS admin I have set the Access token lifetime for the respective client to 180 seconds and under Authentication handlers [more]

Last activity Dec 03 by Martin van Rappard.
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