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Document Search API

Posted Mar 03 by Santosh Kumbar.


I am searching for API that could do Global search for document in Opentext content server from outside of opentext. Do we have any apis available to achieve this?

I am newbie to Opentext.


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Content Server itself does not have a RESTful (the subject of this site) search API, but it may have a Web Services API.

Alternatively, <a href="/awd/resources/apis/otif-search-api-v2">OpenText InfoFusion</a>, part of the OpenText Discovery Suite, does.

To find out more about InfoFusion, please check out the microsite.

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Hi Werner,

Thanks for quick reply. The Product we using is LiveLink ECM. Does Infofusion APIs Allows access livelink content too?
and do we have any documentation around Webservices API for content server? It would be great help if you could share that with me.


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LiveLink ECM is the old name for Content Server, and most likely a pre-version 10 release. That release does not support the AppWorks RESTful APIs.

Although outside of the scope of this site, the Content Server Search API can be found in the Knowledge Center. The Search API Programming Guide can be found here.

Note: To access this information, you need to be a registered customer with an OpenText Connect account.

I hope this helps.

BEST ANSWER: As chosen by the author.

Thanks Werner! Appreciate it! for pointers. This would help us.

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