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TempoBox - OTAG - Count not login to Content server using OTDS authentication

Posted Apr 26 by Ashvini Singh.


We are trying to implement TempoBox 10.5.0. We have following
for this implementation.

OTDS 10.5.0 SP1 patch 5.
Content Server 10 Service Pack 2 Plus Update 10
AppWorks Gatway 1.1.6

Our OTDS is integrated with Microsoft AD using synchronized partition.
Content server is using OTDS for authentication. OTDS user attribute
oTExternal2 is used as content server ID.

Now problem is that I am able to login to AppWorks Gatway (OTAG) using
attribute oTExternal1 (user), oTExternal3 (user@domain) and oTExternal4
(Domain\user) but not able to login to OTAG content service because content server uses oTExternal2. Attribute oTExternal2is user@partition.

I did not find any setting in OTAG where we can change to use attribute
oTExternal2 instead of oTExternal3 for authentication. So we are stuck.
Please let know how to resolve this issue.

From following link it looks that by default OTAG uses attribute
oTExternal1, oTExternal3 and oTExternal4 for authentication.


Ashvini Singh
Mobile: +91-9820365714

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Hi Ashvini,

It seems that your CS 10 update is too old for the oldest version of AppWorks 1.1.0.

Refer to this product compatibility matrix link here

Page 2 - it says AppWorks 1.1.0 requires Update 13 or higher is required.



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