Posted Apr 29 by Douglas Gillespie.

I've encountered an issue several times where my iPad or iPhone AppWorks application downloads my app, but somehow misses one of the javascript files. This causes the pages to display incorrectly and some of the functionality to fail. The only solution I've found is to either delete/download the AppWorks iOS app again, or to add a version of the app to the gateway so it forces the app to download the new version.

Are there any other solutions to for a particular device to re-download an app within AppWorks?

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Hi Doug, perhaps you can send me some details and we can take a look for you, this is something we would like to investigate.

Please drop me a mail


BEST ANSWER: As chosen by the author.

If you have access to the AppWorks Gateway, you may be able to do this:

  • Logout of the relevant profile in the AppWorks Client
  • Disable the app in the AppWorks Gateway
  • Login to the relevant profile in the AppWorks Client (the app should now have disappeared)
  • Enable the app in the AppWorks Gateway (the app will re-appear in the AppWorks Client)
  • Start the app (the app should be downloaded to the AppWorks Client)

Technically, the logout and login steps should not be necessary, but I have seen issues with that in the past.

That said, if JavaScript files disappear (which I haven't seen before), we need to investigate that. Which gateway version are you using? Any steps to reproduce?

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