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Distributing LiveLink globally or in cloud

Posted Apr 15 by Adrian Abshire.

We are looking to distribute our documents globally, perhaps via a cloud infrastructure. Has anyone done this successfully (I know about the products that do this already)? We are hoping to replicate data and files to overseas from our US offices in TX. Can an ESB be used to handle this? If cloud-based we would need the main entry point to be in the country where our offices are located (like China, EU, etc).

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You might be more lucky in OT KC forums. This forum is watched mostly by developers of new HTML5 applications.

I don't know how to replicate the entire Livelink DB, but the other in KC definitely do. Replication of document content, which usually takes long to downlolad, could be done by the Remote Cache module, for example. It helps having quick access to big data (documents) at the location where the RC module is installed by synchronizing the documents from the central server.

I don't know how rich is the OT cloud offering. Again, the KC forums should help.

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