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Content Server REST APis Cross-Domain AJAX

Posted Apr 29 by Patrick Vitali.
Updated Apr 29.

Hi, I am experiencing problems trying to consume CS REST Apis from a different domain.
I think the problem depends on the fact that whenever I try to send an auth request, the browser (correctly) sends a Cors OPTIONS request without parameters. As I see in the Builder, the REST APis code has been designed to handle correctly this kind of requests in ExecuteRequest method of RestApiRequestHandler. My problem is that I never reach that method because the CheckArgs function fails (there are no parameters in the OPTIONS request) and the Content Server returns me a 500 error code.
I haven't tried yet with the OTAG reverse proxy, do you think that I would obtain different results ?
Am I doing something wrong ?

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Update: my fault I was setting contentType: 'application/json',in the Ajax request

BEST ANSWER: As chosen by the author.

Yes, empty content type for requests with the OPTIONS verb, please - they expect no data. The content type of for the request payload of POST and PUT requests has to be either application/x-www-form-urlencoded or multipart/form-data today; not the application/json either.

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