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CS UI Widget examples

Posted May 26 by Hugh Ferguson.

I've loaded the CS UI Widget module, and I got the one example that was given to work (I had to add the supportPath to the connection, but that's another posting). Does anyone have an example of using the various models and views in a UI? I understand that CS UI is built on backbone.js, but I'd love to see an example of how one would use it. It seems that although a canned widget is nice (i.e. the FolderBrowseWidget), any App author would probably want to have more control and be able to manipulate the various views themselves.
As a feedback to Open Text, examples of any API in motion are something those of us in the client and partner community love to see. Sometimes a simple example is worth a thousand pages of documentation.

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There are more samples using the widgets, which would make for an SDK, but they haven't been published yet.

I understand how the access to models and views would make the development applications based on Backbone & Marionette easier. However, we're reluctant to make them available for the public, because their interface may change, at least so early in the development. The interface of widgets is much simpler and abstracted, but that's why it is easier to guarantee its version compatibility.

I myself use some widgets as "convenience constructors" of models and views to place their main view to a Marionette.Region or to share the main model with some other view. It could be one way how to make the Backbone more aware to the integrator.

BEST ANSWER: As chosen by the author.

Has anyone published any examples?

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