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CS10 Workflow initiation by submitting form from Appworks mobile app

Posted Jun 22 by Aditi Prakash Pendse.

I am new to Appworks gateway. I need to create application using Mobile app where I have to integrate the AppWorks with Content Sever 10. I need to submit form from Mobile app to CS10 which (event based)triggers workflow initiation. Can you tell me it is possible to trigger workflow directly from mobile app form submission.

Any thoughts/pointers/ suggestion please.. purpose of this using appworks is, i can access the appliaction from Mobile / ioS device and initiate particular workflow which can further approves certain process in CS10.

If Yes, do we need to do Oscript coding to achieve this or Webreport?

can someone provide such scenaio or example .. how to move forwad in this regards…

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