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Roadmap question: ReST Extension for Content Server Workflow

Posted Jun 26 by Hugh Ferguson.

About a year ago, I started developing a ReST extension for workflows. I hadn't developed much beyond the prototype stage but what I did have give me a framework for accessing all components of a workflow and doing most major WF operations. I stopped developing it further when I found out that ReST extensions were on the roadmap for Content Server. My question to OpenText: Is the ReST extension for Workflow still on the roadmap, and if so, for what version(s)? <br>

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I am afraid that it is not clear when such REST API would appear. You may need to continue with your REST API for a while.

BEST ANSWER: As chosen by the author.

In anticipation of this answer, I went ahead and fleshed it out some more, and I have a release candidate. It was a rewarding experience to develop it :)

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