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Kicking off a workflow with the REST API

Posted Jul 23 by Jeff Wogan.

Is it possible to kick off a workflow with a REST API call?

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With the current API, no. I've heard OT say that this is on the product roadmap, but with an as of yet undisclosed delivery date. In the meantime, my company has built a REST API Extension for workflow. You can find the API for it documented here: . I'm currently writing a sample client app to demonstrate the API's capabilities. Please check out the API link and I would be interested in your feedback as to whether this API as it's defined meets your needs. As well, I'm extending it to provide WF Status functionality (i.e. check the status of WF's you either manage or you initiated).<br/>
-Hugh Ferguson, President, Hugh Ferguson Consulting Ltd.<br/>

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Thanks for your response and extending this capability. I will check this out.


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I just updated the documentation link. I made a couple of changes to the API since I last published it. 1) it now fully supports pagination for all requests that could return a lot of hits (i.e. getting your list of assignments, or list of workflows you either manage or initiated). For consistency, I'm trying to use similar parameter naming convention as OpenText - the idea is that this should seamlessly integrate into Content Server.<br/>

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