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OT Email RestAPI

Posted May 14 by Khurram Shahzad.


I am looking to find a way to upload email using Rest API. I can upload email as a standard document type (144) but that does not help to update other email metadata.
After some random search, i found OTEmail RestAPI (otemail_restapi.oll) file in the module. Question is how can i make this enabled on my environment and how to browse its api functions and consume.

Khurram Shahzad

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You'll need CS 16.0.1 (2016.06) to get the e-mail creation support. It will be released soon. Then you will:

  • Specify the type: 749 in the node creation request body.
  • Supply the e-mail file saved from Outlook with the .msg extension in the node creation request.

Other exported e-mail formats are not supported.

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