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How to make a call to the OTDS 10.5 "/users/{user_id}/password" put REST API method?

Posted May 18 by Santosh Dhanukonda.


We have an requirement in our application to reset the password of an OTDS Non-synchronized partition user with an arbitrary string with out knowing his old password, by the application administrator.

When we gone through the OTDS 10.5 exposed REST API call's found there was a call "/users/{user_id}/password", which is similar to the reset password functionality of OTDS Administrative client. But the caller should be an OTDS administrator only.

we tried to test this REST call using the Postman app, but got "no OTDS ticket" error even though we authenticated the "otadmin@otds.admin" user using the "/authentication/credentials" REST API call in the same Postman app.

so here we wondering about how we can make sure that OTDS administrator is making a call to "users/{user_id}/password" API call in the JAVA program?

Because we haven't found any request parameters of the password method which takes either otadmin credentials OR it's related OTDS token.

Is there any configurations that we need set, like cookies setting through programmatic way with the otadmin token information, before making call to the password REST API method?

Could anyone please advise us, how we can achieve our requirement?

Thanks in Advance,
Santosh D.

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