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Develop REST API to query on Custom tables

Posted Jan 16 by Nandeesh Renukaradhya.


I would like to develop the Rest API ,which can be used to query custom tables.Does this functionality exists.
If not please guide me how can i do it ?

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The typical way of retrieving custom data from Content Server is using a LiveReport node. At the moment there is no Rest API for LiveReports.

If you are licensed for Content Intelligence you can use the WebReports API /api/v1/nodes/{id}/output here:!%2Fwebreports%2FgetWebReportOutput_get_1&tab=501.

The WebReport can be linked to a LiveReport which queries the custom table and returns JSON using the desired mechanism, for example, the INSERTJSON tag.

The only other way at the moment is to create a custom Rest API in oscript as per the following article:


BEST ANSWER: As chosen by the author.

I actually built a REST API module that would work for this use case. I originally built it for when I'm writing Web Reports that need to query custom TKL tables when I wasn't satisfied with the WebReports based solution I could do "out of box" (I was forced to trade off between being adaptable or making the report allow dangerous SQL injection - you can do some really bad things with LiveReports). Building REST extensions in Oscript is far easier than extending the Web Services API.<br/>
-Hugh Ferguson

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