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Is there a way to get auth token expiration date?

Posted Mar 22 by Hugh Ferguson.

Hi, I have a question about authentication token expiry in REST. <br>
I tried looking at the CS API (both v1 and v2) for a method that for a given auth token would tell me when it expires. In the WS API, there is a method to get this info, but there doesn't seem to be in the REST API. Am I mistaken? If not, is this something that is on the roadmap? I'm thinking of the use case where an authentication token is obtained but the user's actions take longer than the length of time that a token takes to expire. When working in Web Services, I often had to write methods to refresh tokens even when each individual call was taking seconds or milliseconds. I also understand that (at least by fluke and for now) the auth token is the same as the one used in CWS which is the same as the LLCookie in the web UI. <br>
-Hugh Ferguson

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