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CSUI Widget and OTDS Authentication

Posted May 09 by Mahesh Pinnamaneni.

Hello Folks,
I have a CSUI (10.5) Browse widget html hosted on IIS. We need to enter Username & Password to see the contents of the folder in CS. Since I have the latest OTDS (16.2), I can directly get the OTDSSSO ticket by making OTDS REST call to otdsws/v1/authentication/headers.
Wondering if anyone had any luck to use this mechanism to authenticate automatically when the widget html is accessed and load the page? I really don't want the users to prompt for username/pwd. This would help integrate these widgets easily into other apps outside Content Server. For example: We can replace webparts in Sharepoint with this widget html.
Here is the sample code:


  csui.onReady( function() {

    // Create the server connector for the widgets.
    var connector = new csui.util.Connector( {
          connection: {
            url: "http://servername/otcs/livelink.exe/api/v1",
            supportPath: "/img"               
        } ),
    // Create the container browsing widget.
        browser = new csui.widget.FolderBrowserWidget( {
          connector: connector,
          placeholder: "#folderBrowser"
        } );
    // Display the container browsing widget.;



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Could you post questions about CS UI Widgets (CS Smart UI) to the right forum, please? See also the announcement about it in this forum. Thank you!

BEST ANSWER: As chosen by the author.

glad to hear that. Sorry I was not aware of it. I will post in KC.

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