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OTDS REST API - Getting error while adding user to a group

Posted Jun 21 by Pamela Ferrari.

Good morning,
We are trying to add users to groups on OTDS using the OTDS REST APIs. The group ID contains blank spaces, for example "Finances - Managers".

The call the following: POST - http://servername:8080//otdsws/v1/groups/Finances - Managers/members

Within the body of the request we entered the stringList parameter with the correct entryDN of the user.
If we run the request using a test tool like Postman, the user is correctly placed in the group.
However, if we run the request from our Java application (via HttpURLConnection), the user is not included in the group receiving a "Bad request" response.
We thought the blank spaces could cause the error, so we replaced it with %20 but the error is the same.

Can you help me?
Thanks so much,
Pamela Ferrari

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I opened a ticket with OpenText and my error was the body parameters.
With otdws/v1 I have to use string_list otherwise with otdws/rest I have to use camelCase stringList.

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