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How to use OTDS 16 RESTful API?

Posted Sep 21 by Feng Xiao.

hi, anyone can give me a basic idea how to use the OTDS RESTful API. Such as how to start, what the URL will be? I have experience of using RESTful API on content server, but no experience on OTDS RESTful API.
Thank you

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  1. Request a OTCSTicket from api/v1/auth
  2. Attach the header ("OTCSTicket","{returned token from step 1}").
  3. Make your requests as you would with any other Rest API.

The Swagger documentation for the Content Server API is really good. I suggest that you start there.

Content Server V2 API Documentation.

Learning the general structure of the data was a little more of a challenge. Basically everything you see in the Content Server UI is a "node". Pretty much every request you send will involve a node id. This can be gained from using the api/v2/search?where={search term}&limit=1. You will then use the ID in the response. There are other ways of obtaining a Node ID I am sure but that is how I am using it. Once you have the Node ID you have access to a lot of the functionality.

The API is extremely robust. It has all the paging, sorting, and filtering built in. You can limit the amount of fields you want by passing &fields={desired fields} and you can even limit the properties that are returned on individual fields by making a call like &fields=desiredField{property1, property2} which is really helpful at reducing the amount of data that is returned.

I suggest you download Postman and just play around in the Swagger documentation.

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