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Content Server Mobile on Appworks Log In Behavior

Posted Nov 01 by Tyler Ford.
Updated Nov 01.

I am using the Content Server Mobile 16.2.1 app (primarily on iOS) that is used to access Content Server 16. I am running into an issue where when trying to log into the app, sometimes it works(mainly during initial setup) but then it doesn't want to allow logins, either by keep popping up the login screen or by laying the login screen on top of the apps main screen after login.(See attachment) It works fine on my iphone but the issue is occurring on my iPAD. Any ideas on what could be causing this behavior?

Edit: I just did a test where I restart the tomcat service that the appworks gateway is on…after the restart, I am able to log into the app but it only last for a few minutes…if after that few minutes I close the app and try to log in again, it doesn't work.
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Hi Tyler

We have a potential fix for this on the iPad which will be released shortly to the AppStore

The exact release timescale is not yet known as it's a call for the CS Mobile PM not me im afraid

Ill post an update here once the app is submitted for review by Apple



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