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Get attachments out of eAttachment table

Posted Mar 02 by Jamie Francis.


Is there a way to extract all of the attachments in the eAttachment table and put them in a folder or network share?

It would also be extremely helpful to be able to put each attachment in a folder made up of the metastorm foldername or some other information from the procedure so that the documents can be easily identified/sorted.

For example I'd like the attachments to go into folders like this:


Where ClientName comes from the procedure, the next part is the Metastorm folder number and the last bit is the attachment name.

I assume I'd need to write some sort of application to take care of this? Can I interact with Metastorm using C#?

As the database is about 10 years old, I'd likely need to do it in batches. To be honest I'd probably copy the database somewhere else before even attempting it so as not to put any load on the Metastorm instance.

If it makes a difference, this is Metastorm version


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You can read the attachment list name from eAttachment for the current folder (eKey = "0T<folder id>T<file name>" where T is a tab character or use a like).

From that you can do Mstm.GetAttachment(<folder id>,<file name form eAttachment>,<file name with path to write to>) to store on disk.

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Hi Brian, Thanks for responding. Where do I run that function (Mstm.GetAttachment) is it a scripting call? If so, how would I run it for many folders at once? I am using MBPM V7, not 9

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I believe we finished this discussion on the Auzie forum:

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