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Logout Configuration in OTDS 10.5 Patch 9

Posted Mar 23 by Ankit Dhoot.

I have a requirement to integrate SAML 2.0 handler in OTDS 10.5 Patch 9 which I have configured but we are facing issue with Logout as in OTDS 10.5 there is no option to configured logout at application end (Service Provider). So we are configuring logout at IP end which is also configured already and it is working in case of happy scenarios but when the user is present in AD but not in OTDS then it is getting redirecting to below otds login page (Page 1) instead we want to redirect it to custom invalid credential page say page 2 (Below) for example. The url for this login page is https://hostname/otdsws/login?displayresult. I have checked and also debug the patched otds code and see that we can patch in AllowDefaultLogin (Page 3)and can redirect to custom lingo file. But I am not sure if I am correct or we can achieve this by changing in java script pages or calling custom JS functions itself in an easy way (Please find location for display result JSP pages location in otds). Kindly response if anybody has worked on something related to this.

Problem 2: When we enter invalid credentials it is getting redirected OTDS login page and until we close the browser , delete history, temp files and all it is not getting redirecting to ISP login page instead it should immediately redirect to ISP login page once the new tab is opened and hit the login url.

Please find the attached images :
Page 1 : OTDS login page
Page 2: DisplayCustom.html
Page 3: We may need to patch at following location But I am not sure on this as it can be routed from any other way also.
Page 4: JSP Pages Location : E:\ProgramData\OpenText\DirectoryServices10.5.0\otds-admin\template\helppages\


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