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How to add Records from Webservices to Database in Opentext

Posted Jul 27 by Sarika Aerolla.


Just recently completed Opentext certification from Mindmajix. As of Fresher to the Opentext, I am unable to find how to add Records from Webservice to Database in Opentext..

I have OpenText ECM with Documents, I need to add 1 more Column to an existing table of OpenText Database. I have another database in DB2 with all the information, I need a solution for updating Column from DB2 Table to SQL Table of OpenText both tables has a unique value.

Any suggestion, guidelines are very much appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,


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You would need to have the new column added via a managed API, as directly updating the database is likely to be a violation of your OT Support Contract. 

If your new field is a supported RM / normal column, then you should be able to update via the standard UI. If it is a xECM property you should be able to pull it over via xECM.

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