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Cannot login to tempobox

Posted Sep 19 by Yueting Wang.

Hi all, I am using OTAG 16.4, Tempobox bundle 16.1.2, Content Server 16.2.5 with OTDS 16.04. The OTAG is hosted on Tomcat 8.0 with Java version 1.8.0_181 Currently I have installed OTAG, content services, OTAG to content server connectivity all OK. However, once from content server -> Personal -> Tempobox, system will redirect to URL which is Tempobox login page. If I key in wrong user and password, system will prompts error message saying authentication error. However, if successfully authenticated, system will prompt message in IE browser that "To display the webpage again, the web browser needs to resend the information you have previous submitted. If you were making a purchase, you should click cancel to avoid a duplicate transaction. Otherwise, click Retry to display the webpage again". Then after I click on any button, it returns to login page again. In chrome browser, such prompt message even never display. I have checked system logs and no error message is shown. The only thing that I can get from tomcat-stdout log is "ClientTypeSet:184 - Client reported an unknown type:" By the way, the VM is workstation and I have created two tomcat instances on same server so that OTAG server will not conflict with OTDS or any other service. Guys do you have any suggestion?

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