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'Task list > Rule > Go to URL' does not open

Posted Oct 24 by Willem van Diermen.

AppWorks platform version: 16.4.2

Business Requirement
Our user wants have have one click to claim and open a task.

Platform details
So we have build:

  • A rule that starts a short-lived BPM to perform the assignTask operation and afterwards open the URL of the Tasklayout
  • An action bar that used the above rule
  • A layout with the task form that uses the above action bar

The problem
The BPM is started correctly, but the URL does not open. Also a very simple URL like: does not work.

Extra info
I have build the same functionality for a non task list entity and there it does work.

So the conclusion does arise that this might be a bug?

And if it works, how do we have to assemble this URL: relative with../../.. or absolute?

Can anyone elaborate on this please?

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