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CSUI Widget

Posted Nov 14 by Kasim Shaik.
Updated Nov 14.

I am conducting a proof of concept for Open Text Content Server UI widgets.
Here are the steps I performed

Created a Sandbox with CS 16.0.4 (2017-03)

Created an html page (bellow) with the sample code provided in documentation

<script src="http://server:8080/img/csui/bundles/csui-loader.js"></script>
<!–tried without csui-loder got cusi not found error so added loader also !–>
<script src="http://server:8080/img/csui/bundles/csui-app.js"></script>
<!– in Documentation only img/csui/csui.js is there, getting 404 error so found in installation dir about name change !–>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="http://server:8080/img/csui/bundles/csui-app.css">
csui.onReady(function () {
new csui.widget.FolderBrowserWidget({
placeholder: "#browser",
connection: {
url: "http://server:8080/OTCS/livelink.exe/api/v1/",
supportPath: "/img"
<div id="browser"></div>

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Could you post questions about CS UI Widgets (CS Smart UI) to the right forum, please? The Smart UI team is not watching this forum. See also the announcement about it in this forum. Thank you!

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