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API REST /v2/members, filter by title.

Posted Feb 13 by Jesus Vegas.

Until now I have used the v2 call of members to the API filtering by where_type=0 and query for the name, but I also need to filter by title but I can't do it. What would it be like?

I have this:
var url = baseURL+'/api/v2/members?where_type=0&query="+name+""'; // It´s OK

I need something like this:
var url = baseURL+'/api/v2/members?where_type=0&query="+name+"&where_title="+title+""; //WRONG


2 Answers

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I don't see where_title in the parameters list for /api/v2/members, nor do I see another parameter that would allow you to filter by title. The query parameter only allows you to filter on log-in name, lastname, emailAddress or firstname. My guess is you will need to return the full set, then loop through the results to test the title of each one individually.

BEST ANSWER: As chosen by the author.

Yes, finally, I've returned the full set.

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