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Metastorm BPM 9.0.3 Hotfix 7 (

Posted Jan 24 by Joe Smith.
Updated Jan 24.

Product:                          Metastorm BPM®

Release:                          9.0 SR3


Affected Components:  Metastorm Web Client, ECL for WS


Purpose of the hotfix:


This cumulative hotfix addresses the following new issues:


  • The external URLs do not work after performing an IIS reset. (Metastorm\# SR-09022011-0013, DEF18923)
  • Sort order of list view is not retained. (Metastorm\# SR-07202011-0004, DEF18474)
  • A refill from a Grid incorrectly executes its dependent fields' “When Changed” event. (Metastorm\# SR-04152011-0012, DEF17852)
  • The “When user selects row” on a Grid is not triggered when the Date/Time field is null or empty. (Metastorm\# SR-04212011-0021, SR-07262011-0001, DEF17285)
  • The ECL SetCulture method fails to set the caption language. (Metastorm\# SR-07182011-0007, DEF18650)

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