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Metastorm BPM 9.0.3 Hotfix 8 (

Posted Feb 13 by Joe Smith.
Updated Feb 13.

Product:                          Metastorm BPM

Release:                          9.0 SR3


Affected Components:  Metastorm Web Client


Purpose of the hotfix:


This cumulative hotfix addresses the following new issue:


  • In Admin forms, refill causes BPM to terminate abnormally if the form is closed and then opened again when using an external link. For example:
    http://localhost/metastorm/eForm.aspx?Map=AdministrationFormGroup1&Action=AdminTestForm&Service=Metastorm%20BPM%20Server&client=External link (SR-09022011-0013, DEF18997)


Implications of the hotfix and other considerations:


  • Before installing the hotfix, manually backup the web.config file from the following location: \\Web

    Transfer any customized settings from the backup copy to the updated web.config file as needed after the installation. (SR-04292011-0005, DEF17575)


  • Usage of ECL SetCulture method is demonstrated in sample clients updated in SDK, DEF18650)

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Will this fix be available for 9.1 in a hotfix soon?  I'm assuming this fixes the esp\_resume\_action error, which we are getting in 9.1 as well.  

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