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Metastorm BPM 9.1.2 Hotfix 2 (

Posted Apr 23 by Joe Smith.

Product:                          Open Text Metastorm BPM

Release:                          9.1 SR2


Affected Components:  Metastorm Process Engine, Metastorm Web Client, Metastorm Process Designer, Metastorm Deployment Service


Purpose of the hotfix:


This hotfix addresses the following issues:


  • Engine: The error message needs improvement for Folder with folderlock timeout expired. (Defect \# SR-11012011-0005, DEF19186)
  • Web Client: The DMS attachment clip on the Admin Form fails to open in Web Client. (Defect \# SR-03152012-0023, DEF19641)
  • Web Client: Caching causes issues when rendering attachments and grids in Web Client. (Defect \# SR-06142011-0005, DEF19662)
  • Web Client: Sort does not work on columns with blank captions. (Defect \# SR-02282012-0005, DEF19746)
  • Designer: An error occurs when trying to convert a ProVision model to BPM. (Defect \# DEF19650)
  • Deployment: Timed action is not running more than once (eWait entry is not created). (Defect \# DEF19790)


Implications of the hotfix and other considerations:


  • Backup or record custom settings before applying this hotfix. Some custom settings (for example, in IIS) might be reset after installation and customizations are applied.


  • After applying the hot fix, uninstall and reinstall the ProVision connector, if installed.


  • Redeploy all solutions for the following fixes to take effect:

  • The tab order does not work as expected when there is a panel inside a panel. (Defect \# SR-01272012-0012, DEF19482)

    Timed action is not running more than once (eWait entry is not created). (Defect \# DEF19790)


  • After updating to version 9.1.2 or, additional folders, such as Designer and Engine, may appear on the target computer root drive. This is a known issue for which does not affect any functionality. This issue is resolved in the hotfix.


  • References to libraries created in 9.1.2 may become corrupted. To work around this problem, manually update the corrupted library reference in .BPMProj with the correct reference (shown below) and then redeploy the solution.


Note: This issue does not occur if you are upgrading to version 9.1.2 and then applying this hotfix. 


Note: Do not create or save libraries or projects in version 9.1.2 before applying this hotfix, since corruption will still occur and this hotfix will not resolve the problem. Manual corrections to the .BPMProj file will still be necessary to work around the problem.


The following excerpt from a .BPMProj file shows an example of a corrupted and corrected library reference.


Corrupt reference example



Correct reference example



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