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Web Service calling an action on a folder

Posted Apr 07 by Mike Gibson.

Ok I can start a process (blank form action) just fine using web services. But I now want to access an action on an existing folder and that looks to be a little trickier, does anyone have a sample accessing a specific action for a folder?

I see all kinds of response objects and action objects that were exposed through the process Activator but no way to set the form fields for the action i want to call.


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Hey Mike,

The web service call should be same. You login to the ECL.WS as the user you defined in the process. Call that action / map and submit it. I don't think there's a difference if it's a blank form versus a form withing the process.

Not sure you're using ECL.WS… but we've started using that as Process Activator requires so much overhead each time you need a change.


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