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OTDS Failover (Multiple Domain Controllers)

Posted Nov 26 by INACTIVE Kevin Leclair.

Does OTDS have the capability to specific multiple domain controllers?

The reason being - what if a domain controller fails? Does it auto-discover the domain controller that is currently available or would it require a manual update in the OTDS configuration to point to a domain controller that is online, so that DirSync could be maintained?

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You may specify just domain name ( instead of domain controller name ( as "host name or address" on "Connection Information" tab of partition properties. Domain name will be resolved (usually by DNS) to one of real DC.
Please keep in mind some side effects:

  • Resolved DC might be not on your local network: network operations time, Firewalls, etc.
  • OTDS will try to reconnect to previously connected DC on restart.
  • If previously connected DC is down, OTDS will try to get another DC. In this case, USN monitoring won't be available until you consolidate partition, because USN-change attribute is not the same on different DCs

Hope this will help

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