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500 Internal Server error adding folder through tempo

Posted Sep 30 by Anthony Miller.

I'm baffled! I have a CS10 (SP2 Update 13), Tomcat 7, Java 7, OTDS (10.5), Tempo 10.5, Gateway 1.1.6, Content Service 10.0.10 (as I'm using CS 10 in this config).

I can access CS fine and get authenticated via OTDS. I can access Tempo via the webaccess url fine. I can see myself, I can update my tempo profile, I can see the tempobox folder in the Personal Workspace. However, when I come to add a document or add a folder via the tempoui I get a 500 Internal Server error.

I've turned on logging on CS10, I can see the connection coming in (KWSASocket::OpenServiceAsClient), it states that I am connected to server (localhost:4099 - don't know why this says localhost though and not my servername), I get an Open Client success, then a Sending request for server to begin and then I get a Sending request for server to end, waiting for response and then we get our 500 Internal Server error.

I can't see what may be wrong and perhaps someone can shed some light here.



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Hi, I solved it so am posting for those interested.

I installed the marvellous 'Builder' and watched in delight/annoyance that builder found it straight away. I could see the connection being made and the call coming through to CS at the point that the button is clicked to add a folder or file.

I got an error in the SendCreateNotifications:SendCreateNotifications function in the OTSYNC module. The error stated 'Can only call Scripts or External API Functions'.

Thankfully this turned out to be fixed by a patch for tempo ( Once installed all was ok with the world once more.


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