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Error deleting or updating Content Server

Posted Oct 21 by Pradeep Tekkey.
Updated Oct 22 by Marcin Pacyga.

Under OTAG server –> Trusted Servers when I try to delete an existing Content Server instance I get the following error. Reading the error it appears the application is unable to delete the key in the table because of referential integrity problem. The problem is this is my test instance of OTAG and I installed it with Derby database (probably a bad idea). I do not know how to go about connecting to the database to manually delete the entry and remove the referential integrity constrain. Any help would be appreciated. I tried installing the Squirrel SQL client but am not sure what connection string and login/password to use. Please advice.


**Internal Exception: java.sql.SQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException: DELETE on table 'PROVIDER' caused a violation of foreign key constraint 'EVENTPROVIDER_NAME' for key (ContentServer). The statement has been rolled back.
Error Code: 20000

bind => [1 parameter bound]

Query: DeleteObjectQuery(com.opentex**t.otag.common.notifications.Provider@334ac45e)

at org.eclipse.persistence.internal.jpa.transaction.EntityTransactionImpl.commitInternal(
at org.eclipse.persistence.internal.jpa.transaction.EntityTransactionImpl.commit(

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Hi Pradeep,

I went through your path before as well, whereby installing Derby client but then I decided to completely uninstall appworks and install it back, might save you a lot of time.

Regards, Andre

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