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Notifications not working on IPAD

Posted Nov 05 by Vijay Devarajan.


I have installed CS v10.5 (Content Service v10.5) & OTAG on Windows 2012 R2 platform. Also have ECM Everywhere APP as part of Notification Center. For some reason all the notitication request fail with a 500. Please Help. - - [04/Nov/2014:18:46:38 -0600] "GET /gateway/v1/notifications?clientID=fed6d0cb-7259-4c49-bde6-76d36dfd4728&otagtoken=24135587-2ba9-43f6-9ddc-8bf2d7c1aec2&since=0 HTTP/1.1" 500 5 - - [04/Nov/2014:18:46:44 -0600] "GET /gateway/v1/notifications?clientID=b1e9feb5-ef03-4b66-baec-a329171eed8d&otagtoken=a5f9051c-6934-4547-b712-44a1ca90ca2d&since=0 HTTP/1.1" 500 5

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Hi Vijay,

Is this the push notification? or the standard email notification? do you know if the standard notification works? my past experience this is due to cross trusting between OTAG and OTCS resources in OTDS.

Regards, Andre

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