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command setup_connect for sap connect is not running

Posted Oct 13 by himanshu pandey.
Updated Oct 13.

Hi , i am running command setup_sap for installing SAP Connect on linux but its not getting run . can anyone please help me if i am missing any step? or need to set environment for setup_sap command on linux? any doc or any link that can [more]

Last activity Oct 13 by himanshu pandey.
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Creative review not opening in IFrame in IOS mobile client

Posted Sep 13 by mounika G.

Hi, I am facing an issue when I try to load creative review in iframe in a IOS, it is not working where as it is working fine with android.Can anyone help on this? Thank you.

Last activity Sep 14 by mounika G.
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Full document path displayed on document upload...

Posted May 31 by Alban Loxha.

When posting/uploading a document to Content Server using REST API, we've noticed that under the properties on the version tab the uploaded file contain the full path of the original document location as a 'File Name' (i.e. C:\Users\UserName\Desktop\SomeFolder\NameofDoc.docx [more]

Last activity Jun 06 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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User Authentication to media management server.

Posted May 12 by Siddhesh Khole.

Hi, I am new to "Open Text". I would like to authenticate user to OTMM through adobe desktop application. Is there any programming guide or sample code which I can refer to? Thank you all in advance.

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Build a simple APP which can open TempoBox-AppWorks site with the UserName and Password

Posted Mar 28 by Wrick Talukdar.

Hello, I am trying to create a simple app which will ask user to provide userID and Password and the app will then pass on the credentials to open up TempoBox-AppWorks. This will help me to discriminate between internal and external users [more]

Last activity Apr 18 by Wrick Talukdar.
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Tempo App API

Posted Apr 12 by Wrick Talukdar.

Is there any API for TempoBox/ Mobile App which can be called by another App ? I have a .Net App running in Windows 8.1 which I need to utilize to call TempoApp. Otherwise my users have to sign-in twice to achieve a single functionality. Can [more]

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API or Code to copy the complete Folder in to OTMM From (dev to stag)

Posted Dec 01 by Samer Yadav.

Dear Sir/Madam, We need the API or Code to copy the complete Folder in to OTMM From OTMM DAL(dev to stag) Could you please assist us or provide the code by using that we can copy the folder (if available) or approach to path forward etc. Really [more]

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How to Import/Upload assets/files into a OTMM Folder from AppWorks?

Posted Nov 26 by Sagar Pudi.
Updated Nov 26.

I have found following otmmapi rest services from [Media Manager API v2][1] >POST /otmmapi/v2/jobs/imports/ >POST /otmmapi/v2/renditions/ >PUT /otmmapi/v2/jobs/imports/{import-job-id} How can I use this services with AppWorks [more]

Last activity Nov 26 by Sagar Pudi.
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Code for uploading set of documents to livelink using webservices/REST API

Posted Nov 24 by rajapradeep alapati.

Hi There, am trying to find code which can perform uploading documents to LiveLink using REST API or Webservices. Kindly provide me ful sample code. am very new to this. Thanks in advance

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Getting otdsticket from OTAG application

Posted Jul 24 by Medhy Salim.
Updated Jul 24.

Hello, How can I get access to the **otdsticket** from a mobile app in **OTAG**? or, alternatively, how can I get it using the **otag-server-common.jar** library in my tomcat/lib directory? I don't want to provide credentials for it, I would [more]

Last activity Aug 12 by Medhy Salim.
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CS10.5 Rest API Errors

Posted Jul 15 by Aditi Prakash Pendse.
Updated Jul 15.

Hello, I am working on creating AWG application using Java and CS10.5 REST api. I am new to REST API. While authenticating CS10.5 User from Java code using REST API I am getting error. So I wanted to check Rest API methods input and their [more]

Last activity Aug 03 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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