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Answered 404 Error for API calls

Posted May 19 by Sean Antony.
Updated May 19.

Hi, I have set up a simple login form using angular and ionic framework. When the user submits their credentials it will call the OTDS rest api for authentication: http://server:8080/otdsws/rest/authentication/credentials. This call works [more]

Last activity May 20 by Sean Antony.
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OTDS RestAPI with Windows Authentication

Posted Nov 10 by Hannes Eichner.
Updated Nov 11.

We are using CS with OTDS that contains the Windows AD users. When accessing CS no login in necessary because of the windows integrated authentication. Can I authenticate in a similar way with OTDS though the RestAPI to get a ticket for further [more]

Last activity Nov 12 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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Obtaining auth ticket from OTDS using OTDS logon page (for IWA/SSO)

Posted Jul 13 by Nick O'Connor.

Hi all, My scenarios is as follows: We have OTDS 10.5 and Content Server 10.5, and we have developed some RESTful webservices that sit independent of Content Server/OTDS. We also have a Javascript-only (no JSP/etc) client. We want to get [more]

Last activity Jul 26 by Nick O'Connor.
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Postman REST API / SSO niewbie question

Posted May 03 by Marian Farkas.

Hello - I'm new to using Postman and REST API: I'm trying to test REST APIs from Postman in my 16.2.1 environment, where I have SSO enabled using OTDS. I keep getting error 401 ("Invalid username/password specified."); When I setup [more]

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Create Users in OTDS

Posted Feb 12 by Uldis Silovs.

Hi guys, Trying to figure out OTDS. Question 1: So there is OpenText Administration Client with OTDS "plug-in" where I can create new users/groups/particions etc. Is there a way to create a new user in OTDS via some kind [more]

Last activity Jun 13 by Hugh Ferguson.
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Not able to connect to Content Server REST API using OTDS

Posted Apr 16 by Pedro Rubio.

Hello, I am trying to configure Content Server UI Widgets but are not working with OTDS users, getting the error: "Invalid username/password specified." although the authentication to Content Server UI is working fine with OTDS [more]

Last activity Apr 21 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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Content Server Demo

Posted Apr 17 by Sean Antony.
Updated Apr 21 by Marcin Pacyga.

Hi, We have the Content Server demo installed and working fine through the desktop webaccess view. When I launch the mobile version through the AppWorks Client, it is not able to make the api calls because of authentication. When I try launching [more]

Last activity Apr 20 by Sean Antony.
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Answered OTDS Authentication Service

Posted Jun 15 by Sean Antony.
Updated Jun 16.

Hi Everyone, I am trying to find the proper link to the OTDS Authentication Service. The example given here: [more]

Last activity Jul 07 by Pete Oliver.
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Answered OTDS Rest API Log Out

Posted Jun 16 by Hannah Bish.
Updated Jun 16.

Our application logs in users by obtaining an OTDS ticket (`/authentication/credentials`) and using that ticket to obtain a ticket for resources (`/authentication/ticketforresource`). Is there a way to revoke that ticket using OTDS Rest API [more]

Last activity Jun 24 by Jerome Don-Paul.
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Answered Appworks Gateway : Unable to connect to Content Server 10 update 13

Posted Jun 28 by Aditi Prakash Pendse.

Hi there, I have setup the AppWorks Gateway successfully on a my personal laptop, and am now trying to connect it to Content Server 10 update 13. In the Settings page, I provided the Content Server URL as “http://localhost/OTCS10/livelink.exe” [more]

Last activity Jul 02 by Aditi Prakash Pendse.
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AWG Application acess issue from Bluestack (Unauthorized User)

Posted Jul 15 by Aditi Prakash Pendse.

Hello, I wanted to create mobile app using AWG. For that I have installed CS10.5 and OTDS 10.5 installed on server. Further I have installed Pulse module and Tempo Box CS service and have created DB links required for the CS service using [more]

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CS10.5 Rest API Errors

Posted Jul 15 by Aditi Prakash Pendse.
Updated Jul 15.

Hello, I am working on creating AWG application using Java and CS10.5 REST api. I am new to REST API. While authenticating CS10.5 User from Java code using REST API I am getting error. So I wanted to check Rest API methods input and their [more]

Last activity Aug 03 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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