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Content Server Mobile Integration with AppWorks Gateway????

Posted Mar 25 by Raghu Y.

Hi guys, I would like to connect the content server using CS Mobile app. While configuring content server mobile app getting the following error "Invalid Response Received" I have done the following steps:: -Installed the AppWorks [more]

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The requested permission 'Use Production' was denied for solution 'OpenTextEntityIdentityComponents'.

Posted Mar 24 by Tim Jian.

Hi, experts I am deploying a App developed on AppWorks previouse version to AppWorks 16.5. Deployment is successed. But when a user tried to login, the app show a error even the user still logged in to the App. from the TommEE log file I [more]

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AppWorks Gateway Setup - OTDS setup failure

Posted Mar 21 by Karthikeyan K.

I am trying to setup the AppWorks Gateway server for development purpose. I followed the steps given in "Appworks Gateway 16.5 installing". Managed to reach till the otds configuration step. At otds configuration I have tried both [more]

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OTAG 16.6 to have SAML 2.0 Support?

Posted Feb 26 by Cody Woods.

We are looking to implement Content Server Mobile with support for multi-factor authentication with ADFS. I understand that OTAG 16.6 will have SAML 2.0 support so we can use ADFS with mult-factor for authentication. Is that correct? And [more]

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HP Exstream - Maximum Error reached

Posted Feb 22 by Ramasamy Regupathy.

Hi, Is there any way we can set the max limit for errors in Exstream control file or any other place when engine run. When I ran the input xml, I am getting maximum error reached and engine stops. when I check the error count it is 8 or sometime [more]

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HP Exstream - any switch to skip a customer with error

Posted Feb 22 by Ramasamy Regupathy.

Hi, I have an issue, any suggestion is appreciated. My input xml have 10 customer, on 5th customer I have missed to close a tag, so I am getting an error and my engine stops. it is not skipping the 5th customer and continuing. is there any [more]

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Set dynamic user to the Workflow

Posted Feb 13 by Doaa Farouk.

Hi, I created and published a role 'EDC' in the AppWorks platform, then i set the Assignee Type to 'Role' in a workflow activity, to read from message, the message element is assigned a fixed value 'EDC' in the activity pre-assignments. Now [more]

Last activity Feb 14 by Doaa Farouk.
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how to upload multiple files

Posted Jan 31 by Matteo Trotta.

Hi, how to upload multiple files from UI ?

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remove HTTP connection in AppWorks

Posted Jan 30 by Remon Medhat.

We deployed appworks and everything is configured in HTTPS , when i comment/remove the HTTP port in server.xml , when i open the appworks service i find all my apps stuck in the Deploying phase. Any help is much appreciated.

Last activity Feb 08 by Franky Egan.
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Change Host name in AppWorks Database

Posted Jan 29 by Remon Medhat.

We want to permanently change the host in the "GateWayNode" table in the appworks . every time we change it manually it reverts back after service restart. thank you.

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New validated and published entity not showing up in the 'Create a new item' list

Posted Dec 11 by Antal Bos.

Hi, I installed a brand new image with Appworks 16.5 and as an unexperienced user started to play with it following the manual "Process Platform EntityModeling Guide" At this moment I created a new workspace with 2 entities, validated [more]

Last activity Jan 02 by Margaret Fraser.
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How to call Process Suite REST service from Appworks Mobile

Posted Nov 01 by Rijas Abdu.

We are trying to develop a mobile app in Appworks . We need to a call a Process suite REST service from the Appworks Mobile Application. If the process Suite service is Anonymous service the service call is working fine and we are getting [more]

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