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Deploying a Webapp versus a Mobile App

Posted Nov 22 by INACTIVE Kevin Leclair.

How do we deploy a webapp in the new AppWorks platform? We have been able to successfully a mobile app (compressed package), but we need the ability to deploy webapps also that are accessible via a URL. For example, [][1]. [more]

Last activity Dec 01 by INACTIVE Kevin Leclair.
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How to relate user profile in my Services/Apps

Posted May 20 by Pedro Pereira.
Updated May 23.

Hi. I'm learning how to work with AppWorks, but I'm kind of stuck here... I want to create a simple service/app to share messages/topics/ideias/whatever. Each message will have a title, a message and a date. I would also like to each message [more]

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Re-Branding WebAccess and TempoBox for Corporate L&F

Posted Jun 18 by Anthony Miller.

Hi, I've been asked to investigate rebranding of the AppWorks gateway (WebAccess) and TempoBox. The client does not want any reference to OpenText or AppWorks in the UI's. So, other than edit the css files directly (and obviously add the [more]

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AppWorks server specs

Posted Jun 01 by Vishalin Pillay.

HI We are going ahead to install AppWorks within a DMZ and content server residing outside the DMZ. This is for Tempobox. i would like to know what will be the the server specs for us to install AppWorks on. Eg space?Ram? can someone [more]

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Automatically setting up API key for deployed apps.

Posted Nov 15 by Paul Esson.
Updated Nov 15.

Is there any way, using the Java API for AppWorks to automatically setup an API key for REST requests to the AppWorks gateway containing the application or does one require the administrator to manually create a trusted server key then set the [more]

Last activity Nov 15 by Eduardo Gomez.
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Unable to connect to Content Server

Posted Nov 28 by Frank Emmanuel.

Hi there, I have setup the AppWorks Gateway successfully on a dev box, and am now trying to connect it to Content Server 10. In the Settings page, I provided the Content Server URL as "http://localhost/OTCS10/livelink.exe" and clicked [more]

Last activity May 14 by Hugh Ferguson.
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Testing during App Development Cycle

Posted Jan 14 by Phani Srinivas Salapaka.

Hi, I think as per the documentation,if I have to zip my app as, it will be very painful during development. Because, during development I would like to test the page instantly without going through the whole cycle of archiving [more]

Last activity Jan 28 by Alex Dowgailenko.
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Issue with First Appworks App

Posted Feb 21 by Hugh Ferguson.

Hi, I am assuming that even without deploying the client app to a mobile device, I should be able to see it working in a regular web browser. If not, just say so and read no further. When I built the sample code (well, I pretty much copied [more]

Last activity Feb 24 by Marcin Pacyga.
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How to make an AppWorks Gateway API REST call?

Posted Feb 25 by Carlos Barichello.
Updated Feb 26 by Marcin Pacyga.

I am trying to use the AppWorks GateWay API to get back a list of users. My reference is: The following is my URL to the AppWorks gateway: [more]

Last activity May 26 by Pedro Pereira.
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Answered Where do I find the IdentityProvider

Posted Mar 13 by Brian Richardson.
Updated Mar 14 by AppWorks Developer.

I want to implement this code on my servlet: `IdentityProvider.getService().getAuthorizedUser(otagtoken);` However I am able to locate this resource (IdentityProvider) - is there a jar available that I can download? Preferably a maven dependency [more]

Last activity Apr 04 by Brian Richardson.
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How to Launch Other Android Apps (Like WhatsApp, Gmail etc.) from within My App?

Posted Mar 14 by Gopi Marri.
Updated Mar 14 by AppWorks Developer.

Description: ------------- I have a image Application written in java Script that runs from a Server. I want to allow the users to Share these images from with the App using WhatsApp, Gmail, etc.

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Detect finger drag using Javascript on touch phones using Appworks?

Posted Mar 14 by Gopi Marri.
Updated Mar 14 by AppWorks Developer.

Hi, How to enable finger drag using Javascript on touch phones using Appworks.Can some one suggest me. Thanks in Advance.

Last activity Mar 14 by Marcin Pacyga.
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