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Set dynamic user to the Workflow

Posted Feb 13 by Doaa Farouk.

Hi, I created and published a role 'EDC' in the AppWorks platform, then i set the Assignee Type to 'Role' in a workflow activity, to read from message, the message element is assigned a fixed value 'EDC' in the activity pre-assignments. Now [more]

Last activity Feb 14 by Doaa Farouk.
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ERROR UPDATE_OBJECT requires both CUR and OLD data to be set

Posted Jan 16 by Leonel Costa.

HEllo , guys please help me to know wy i have the error be low 2019-01-04 11:38:04,896 ERROR com.unitel.ged.web.controller.PerformTaskActionHelper:163 Problems submitting transition com.unitel.bpm.client.api.service.ProcessPlatformClientException: [more]

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Base url to Rest APIs of Process suite

Posted Jan 14 by Doaa Farouk.

Hi, I'm calling Rest APIs of process suite 16.3, using the url below to execute process: /v1/businessProcess/executeProcess/ (Ref API: [][1]) I get the 404 error, please what is the [more]

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New validated and published entity not showing up in the 'Create a new item' list

Posted Dec 11 by Antal Bos.

Hi, I installed a brand new image with Appworks 16.5 and as an unexperienced user started to play with it following the manual "Process Platform EntityModeling Guide" At this moment I created a new workspace with 2 entities, validated [more]

Last activity Jan 02 by Margaret Fraser.
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Track User Login/Logout Time in Process Experience (Entity Modeling)

Posted Jun 11 by Marcus Kam Boon Hong.

Is there any logs keep user login/logout time when accessing Process Experience (Entity Modeling)? or how to track user login/logout time in Entity Modeling?

Last activity Jun 17 by Marcus Kam Boon Hong.
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How to build a simple report in Entity Modelling?

Posted May 23 by Marcus Kam Boon Hong.

How to build a simple report in Entity Modelling? For example: ![enter image description here](/awd/content/get/22455846/report.JPG)

Last activity Jun 11 by Marcus Kam Boon Hong.
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Get attachments out of eAttachment table

Posted Mar 02 by Jamie Francis.

Hi Is there a way to extract all of the attachments in the `eAttachment` table and put them in a folder or network share? It would also be extremely helpful to be able to put each attachment in a folder made up of the metastorm foldername [more]

Last activity Mar 16 by Brian Mellert.
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Metastorm BPMMobile No Grids

Posted Dec 13 by Jacques Budler.

Hi. For some reason none of my forms with Grids on show the grids in the mobile site, is there a configuration item I am missing somewhere? Version: 9.4 Thanks, Jacques

Last activity Dec 15 by Jacques Budler.
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