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Tempo Box - External users not receiving email notification

Posted Jan 04 by Harish Thunga.

Hi All, We are trying to send invitation to external users to access the shared tempo box folders. While sharing , the email notification is not being sent to the external user however User has been created in the OTDS with proper userid [more]

Last activity Dec 12 by Albertto Lie.
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Delete Node via API

Posted Dec 11 by David Zangger.

If I delete a node with a category using the API, do I need to remove the category first? Or will the node deletion take care of deleting the category too? Thank you

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TypeError: $_userInputSelector.autocomplete(...).data(...) is

Posted Dec 10 by Albertto Lie.
Updated Dec 10.

Manage tempo box participant from content server UI give me error >TypeError: $_userInputSelector.autocomplete(...).data(...) is undefined participant that has been set before also not shown cs 16.2.1 content service module 16.0.0 [more]

Last activity Dec 10 by Albertto Lie.
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Posted Nov 30 by Archana Suriyanarayanan.

When the WS create an object “t_certif_imagenes” with content and execute the method save, Documentum return this error: [DM_SESSION_E_TRANSACTION_ERROR] Transaction invalid due to errors, please abort transaction.

Last activity Dec 03 by Martin van Rappard.
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Cannot determine CS resource id via func otdsintegration.getresourceid

Posted Dec 01 by Daniel Wang.

Hi Experts, When I install Tempo Box, I got the below error message after I installed the OTSync Connector. - Tomcat 8.0.53 - OTDS - Content Server 16.2.5 - AppWorks GateWay 16.2.1 - otsync connector 16.1.2 [more]

Last activity Dec 01 by Daniel Wang.
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Answered REST API: Categories

Posted Sep 29 by Brandon Lucas.

I need to post a document to Content Server, preferably using the REST API, but I need to include category and metadata information. I see some similar posts that indicate this functionality is available in the summer time frame of this year. [more]

Last activity Nov 27 by David Zangger.
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AuthenticateUser SOAP service through JAVA

Posted Nov 20 by Kasim Shaik.

I am trying to use Document Management web services when i use AuthenticateUser to create token with SOAPUI tool and use the token to get detials it is working fine but when i create that token with Java code its not working bellow is [more]

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Looking for some examples on using REST API for workflows

Posted Feb 13 by Mahesh Pinnamaneni.

Hello, We are currently doing a POC on using Content Server 16.2.3 REST API for Workflows for below scenarios: • Initiate workflows using Alpaca forms • Upload docs before we initiate workflows • Show form data in Alapaca [more]

Last activity Nov 19 by Mahesh Pinnamaneni.
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Posted Nov 19 by Jyotsana Gupta.

Could you please help me to setup opentext server on local machine

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GET content return as JSON Format

Posted Aug 15 by Stewart Kirkup.

Hi, Is it possible to have either of the following API calls return in JSON format? GET: api/v1/nodes/{id}/content (?action=download) GET: api/v1/nodes/{id}/versions/{version}/content New to CS API's Thanks in advance Reg [more]

Last activity Nov 17 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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CSUI Widget

Posted Nov 14 by Kasim Shaik.
Updated Nov 14.

I am conducting a proof of concept for Open Text Content Server UI widgets. Here are the steps I performed Created a Sandbox with CS 16.0.4 (2017-03) Created an html page (bellow) with the sample code provided in documentation <html> <head> <script [more]

Last activity Nov 17 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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Add document to workflow using REST

Posted Nov 09 by Panos Georgopoulos.

Hi, I would like to know if there is a way to add a Document from CS (or from uploading) inside the attachments of a workflow instance using REST? thank you

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