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CS10 Rest API - LiveReports & WebReports use from AppWorks

Posted Aug 12 by Aditi Prakash Pendse.

Hello I am using CS10 Rest API to create applications functionality which can be installed on Appworks. Do we have Workflow or WebReports or LiveReports extensions within CS10 Rest client API. Can anyone please provide me references whre [more]

Last activity Apr 11 by Mahesh Pinnamaneni.
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HP Exstream - Maximum Error reached

Posted Feb 22 by Ramasamy Regupathy.

Hi, Is there any way we can set the max limit for errors in Exstream control file or any other place when engine run. When I ran the input xml, I am getting maximum error reached and engine stops. when I check the error count it is 8 or sometime [more]

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command setup_connect for sap connect is not running

Posted Oct 13 by himanshu pandey.
Updated Oct 13.

Hi , i am running command setup_sap for installing SAP Connect on linux but its not getting run . can anyone please help me if i am missing any step? or need to set environment for setup_sap command on linux? any doc or any link that can [more]

Last activity Oct 13 by himanshu pandey.
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Creative review not opening in IFrame in IOS mobile client

Posted Sep 13 by mounika G.

Hi, I am facing an issue when I try to load creative review in iframe in a IOS, it is not working where as it is working fine with android.Can anyone help on this? Thank you.

Last activity Sep 14 by mounika G.
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Externally facing Forms using OTDS and Appworks?

Posted Aug 08 by Philip Forshaw.

Hello, We are investigating ways to present an externally facing form to contractors. We want username/password control, with the content being 'posted' to Content Server (the user list is not in CS) so I immediately thought of OTDS with [more]

Last activity Aug 09 by Chris Ditchburn.
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CS10 Workflow initiation by submitting form from Appworks mobile app

Posted Jun 22 by Aditi Prakash Pendse.

I am new to Appworks gateway. I need to create application using Mobile app where I have to integrate the AppWorks with Content Sever 10. I need to submit form from Mobile app to CS10 which (event based)triggers workflow initiation. Can you [more]

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WebServices API through AppWorks Gateway Example

Posted Apr 07 by Manuel Guerreiro.

Is there an example of an AppWorks App that uses the Gateway proxy component to access the Personal Assignments or any other WebService API for that matter? In other words, a JavaScript based solution, integrated to the AppWorks framework, [more]

Last activity Apr 09 by Werner De Jong.
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Answered ECM Everywhere and eSign(Electronic Signatures)

Posted Nov 24 by Tyler Ford.

When trying to access a workflow through ECM Everywhere that has eSign enabled, it says 'This action must be completed in a web browser because an electronic signature is required' May I ask why eSign isn't supported?

Last activity Nov 25 by Andre Kusuma.
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Notifications not working on IPAD

Posted Nov 05 by Vijay Devarajan.

Hi I have installed CS v10.5 (Content Service v10.5) & OTAG on Windows 2012 R2 platform. Also have ECM Everywhere APP as part of Notification Center. For some reason all the notitication request fail with a 500. Please Help. [more]

Last activity Nov 05 by Andre Kusuma.
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Distributing LiveLink globally or in cloud

Posted Apr 15 by Adrian Abshire.

We are looking to distribute our documents globally, perhaps via a cloud infrastructure. Has anyone done this successfully (I know about the products that do this already)? We are hoping to replicate data and files to overseas from our US [more]

Last activity Apr 29 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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