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Answered Create Document via REST

Posted Mar 09 by Marimuthu D.
Updated Apr 09 by Werner De Jong.

How to create a document in CS10 using REST API..? Can someone share a sample code. Thanks..

Last activity Apr 29 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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Answered Content Server via REST

Posted Dec 13 by Marimuthu D.

Do we have any documentation on usage of REST APIs of Content Server? What will be the base url to access the APIs. What are the requirements and configurations needed to enable this. Thanks

Last activity Feb 04 by Lance Gingell.
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CS UI Widget examples

Posted May 26 by Hugh Ferguson.

Hi, I've loaded the CS UI Widget module, and I got the one example that was given to work (I had to add the supportPath to the connection, but that's another posting). Does anyone have an example of using the various models and views in [more]

Last activity Dec 30 by Larry Nannery.
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Answered Postman REST Client Chrome Extension used for Content Server API

Posted Sep 11 by Andre Kusuma.
Updated Sep 12.

Just would like to share my experience using Postman which is I found it very easy to use especially as it has the upload file function, not much but hopefully it will be a help. [Postman Chrome Extension can be downloaded from here][6] **Authentication:** ![Postman [more]

Last activity Oct 17 by Cerutti Leandro.
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Answered Authentication to REST APIs not served from OTAG

Posted Feb 18 by Ferdinand Prantl.
Updated Feb 18.

A JavaScript application running on AppWorks has an access to the `otagtoken` and can perform AJAX requests to REST APIS served from the same origin. How about communicating with other REST APIs and enjoying SSO coming from the initial login [more]

Last activity Dec 10 by Andrew Nuckols.
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Appworks versus Webservices

Posted Feb 26 by Jordi Masip.

I’m interested in knowing if Appworks allows the same interaction capabilities with Content Server 10.5 as Webservices does for a framework to build and from product maturing point of view. It would be perfect to know some pros and cons [more]

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Find a node based on category and attribute information

Posted Aug 09 by Bas Opgelder.
Updated Aug 09.

Is it possible to find a document with a REST API call (URL) based on the information from the category and attribute value? We now have a call like so `/api/v1/nodes/134094724/nodes?where_name=Administratief verslag bodemkwaliteit case ACC-rivierweg01.pdf` [more]

Last activity Aug 09 by Bas Opgelder.
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Unable to connect to Content Server

Posted Nov 28 by Frank Emmanuel.

Hi there, I have setup the AppWorks Gateway successfully on a dev box, and am now trying to connect it to Content Server 10. In the Settings page, I provided the Content Server URL as "http://localhost/OTCS10/livelink.exe" and clicked [more]

Last activity May 14 by Hugh Ferguson.
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Issue with First Appworks App

Posted Feb 21 by Hugh Ferguson.

Hi, I am assuming that even without deploying the client app to a mobile device, I should be able to see it working in a regular web browser. If not, just say so and read no further. When I built the sample code (well, I pretty much copied [more]

Last activity Feb 24 by Marcin Pacyga.
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Migrating to CS 10.0 from Livelink 9.7.0

Posted Mar 07 by Nishant Patralekh.

Hi, We are currently using Livelink 9.7.0 which we are planning to upgrade to CS 10.0. But as per requirement from client we can not do any changes in the look & feel of the application. I have not used CS 10.0 ever and not even seen [more]

Last activity Mar 31 by Heyward Drummond.
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Answered Trusted server can't be set

Posted May 14 by Anthony Hall.

I have installed AppWorks Gateway 1.1.6 and am trying to connect it to a Content Server 10.5 system running OTDS 10.5. The Content Server URL is set correctly in OTAG and tests OK. However whenever I attempt set up the Trusted Server relationship [more]

Last activity Apr 22 by Rhulani Makhubele.
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Answered Using REST API to customize Content Server UI

Posted May 16 by Hugh Ferguson.

Hi, I'm looking at the Content Server REST API as a quick and dirty way to add additional functionality to a Content Server page, perhaps served through an Appearance or a CustomView page. To make this work, I need to ask a couple of questions [more]

Last activity May 20 by Hugh Ferguson.
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