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Does Appworks integrate with Documentum?

Posted Aug 10 by Himansu Patel.

We just started looking at appworks after we got to know about it at Enterprise World this year. We want to know how does it integrate with Documentum Content Server. Appreciate the help in advance.

Last activity Feb 28 by Samdarshi Pali.
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HP Exstream - Maximum Error reached

Posted Feb 22 by Ramasamy Regupathy.

Hi, Is there any way we can set the max limit for errors in Exstream control file or any other place when engine run. When I ran the input xml, I am getting maximum error reached and engine stops. when I check the error count it is 8 or sometime [more]

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HP Exstream - any switch to skip a customer with error

Posted Feb 22 by Ramasamy Regupathy.

Hi, I have an issue, any suggestion is appreciated. My input xml have 10 customer, on 5th customer I have missed to close a tag, so I am getting an error and my engine stops. it is not skipping the 5th customer and continuing. is there any [more]

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how to upload multiple files

Posted Jan 31 by Matteo Trotta.

Hi, how to upload multiple files from UI ?

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Uploading documents using the Java implementation of REST API not working

Posted Dec 18 by Mentor Belalla.
Updated Dec 18.

Greetings. I'm new to the OPENTEXT Rest API and while I'm able to authenticate/create folders using it, I can't get the document upload to work. The following is the code I've been using: import; import [more]

Last activity Jan 02 by Mentor Belalla.
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Exstream/StreamServe API - GET Documents - Collector (archiveobject)

Posted Dec 05 by Stig Renberg-Larsen.

Hi. has anyone used the function to get document(s) from a Collector database (16.4.1), if so... can you please give me an example? //Stig ;-)

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AuthenticateUser SOAP service through JAVA

Posted Nov 20 by Kasim Shaik.

I am trying to use Document Management web services when i use AuthenticateUser to create token with SOAPUI tool and use the token to get detials it is working fine but when i create that token with Java code its not working bellow is [more]

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Add document to workflow using REST

Posted Nov 09 by Panos Georgopoulos.

Hi, I would like to know if there is a way to add a Document from CS (or from uploading) inside the attachments of a workflow instance using REST? thank you

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How to add Records from Webservices to Database in Opentext

Posted Jul 27 by Sarika Aerolla.

Hi, Just recently completed [Opentext certification from Mindmajix][1]. As of Fresher to the Opentext, I am unable to find how to add Records from Webservice to Database in Opentext.. I have OpenText ECM with Documents, I need to add 1 [more]

Last activity Aug 06 by Greg Griffiths.
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ApplicationXtender REST API - cannot upload a document

Posted Jul 12 by Jason Stroyer.

I'm following the API instructions on page 66 of the "EMC® ApplicationXtender® REST Services Version 2.0 Development Guide" On that page, I'm trying to use the endpoint **api/axdatasources/{dsn}/axbatches/{appid}** which is [more]

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How to move a document (a node) from the folder A to the folder B in a content server

Posted Jul 10 by David Hu.

There is a Content server is installed in xECM with SAP solution, and the web application server is Apache tomcat. We would like to move a document from the folder A to the folder B. Check REST 16.2 API. Try to use "put api/v1/nodes/{id}" [more]

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Number paragraphs in a single token

Posted Jun 22 by Mihir Maniar.
Updated Jun 22.

I have a single token that will contain BR separated paragraphs. need them to be numbered so that they look indented like the paragraphs shown in black below but instead they look like paragraphs shown in red below. Please see the indentation [more]

Last activity Jun 22 by Mihir Maniar.
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