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Answered Create Document via REST

Posted Mar 09 by Marimuthu D.
Updated Apr 09 by Werner De Jong.

How to create a document in CS10 using REST API..? Can someone share a sample code. Thanks..

Last activity Apr 29 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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CS UI Widget examples

Posted May 26 by Hugh Ferguson.

Hi, I've loaded the CS UI Widget module, and I got the one example that was given to work (I had to add the supportPath to the connection, but that's another posting). Does anyone have an example of using the various models and views in [more]

Last activity Dec 30 by Larry Nannery.
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Answered Challenges using CS ReST API to extend Content Server UI

Posted Jun 12 by Hugh Ferguson.
Updated Jun 19 by Werner De Jong.

Hi, This is less of a question and more a series of observations. When I was first exposed to the ReST API, I thought it might be a good option for designing UI components to be used within Content Server. The main problem is authenticating [more]

Last activity Jun 18 by Hugh Ferguson.
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Comparing APIs - CWS vs AppWorks vs CS REST API 1.0

Posted Jul 22 by Harvey Flaisher.

We are about to create a new web app which needs access both to CS 10 workflow/documents and an external db. From what I can tell, there are 5 web svc APIs: 1. CWS 2. CS Rest 1.0 3. AppWorks I have read [more]

Last activity Aug 21 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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Content Server REST API - ACL information for Document/node

Posted Oct 07 by Thiru Y.

Hi, How can i get the ACL information for the Document/Node using the Content Server REST API. eg: permitted users (view/modify/etc). permitted groups. Thanks, Thiru

Last activity Apr 17 by Kishore Kumar.
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Creating a file in an active WF attachment folder using REST

Posted Jun 09 by Hayden Ross.

I'm trying to use my file upload function to upload (post) a file to an active workflows attachment folder but it does not seem to work, here is my code (basically I pass the WF attachments folder's ID and the file I want to upload): function [more]

Last activity Jan 28 by Michal Pronay.
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Error (C# client for Content Server Web Services)

Posted Dec 12 by Bibek Adhikari.
Updated Dec 13 by Marcin Pacyga.

Hi, When i tried to fetch version of a document from live link i encountered an exception showing that "LLUnknownFieldException: LLValue unknown field name: FileAttributes". private int ConcreteFetchVersion(int VolumeID, [more]

Last activity Dec 13 by John Wilkinson.
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Answered How to use livelink webservice for creating Document instead of LAPI from java

Posted Dec 20 by Marimuthu Sundaraj.

I am doing research for Accessing Livelink Content Server information using Livelink webservices instead of LAPI, from Java code. I wanted to know the procedure or steps to achieve these things. Thanks in advance

Last activity May 15 by Mike wu.
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How to interact Livelink server using webservice from Java

Posted Dec 26 by Marimuthu Sundaraj.

Hi, Can anyone suggest me how to interact Livelink server using webservice instead of LAPI from Java

Last activity Jan 06 by Jason Cassidy.
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Can ECM Everywhere 10 Use the OTAG Proxy Service to Render WebForms ?

Posted Feb 21 by Chris Swaine.

Hi, What little documentation is around seems to contradict it's self on this matter. In the ECM Everywhere 10 Admin & Installation guide, it says that this it supports the rendering of webforms. Another post on this forum also seems [more]

Last activity Feb 21 by Rob Reynolds.
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Answered User Authentication when Single Sign On enabled

Posted Feb 25 by Peter Stegl.

We're using OpenText Content Server, Version 10 with SSO and Enterprise Connect Client. How are Tablet users authenticated when they connect through AppWorks Gateway and Opentext Everywhere APP?

Last activity Apr 11 by Alex Jewell.
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OpenText VIM - Trial Version

Posted Mar 03 by Mandar Risbud.
Updated Mar 10 by AppWorks Developer.

Hi, I want to try out OpenText VIM for SAP. Where can I get the trial version? Or a sandbox environment? Secondly, if such a trial version is available, what is the hardware and software requirement to set-up an OpenText VIM environment? Many [more]

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